With all the love we have for sports, we bring you the best sports lounge in Hyderabad, Over The Flow - a place where our burning passion for sports, food, and fun come together. The most happening destination for all your celebrations, offering the best food & drinks. The lavish menu to put you on an aromatic journey from India to any possible destination. We offer the most premium brands of alcohol with a unique selection of wines, beers, cocktails, and mocktails.


Over The Flow sports lounge involves constant innovation and creativity with continuous thought process in a detailed level of comfort control of the flow. Considering the uniqueness of a sports bar, passion comes as a virtue in our services. Passion not simply in sports but in being consistent in every aspect of people and services.

Servitude is gratitude

We realise the importance of being customer-centric. We understand the responsibility we have towards each guest walking into the best lounge bar in Hyderabad. Here, every guest is more important than the grandeur of the organisation.

What do we serve?

At Over The Flow, the service is not about providing the best food or drinks. We make sure that whatever we provide is the market best; Table games, on-the-table card and board games, live music, live sports screening, Wi-Fi, private dining area, Dance floor to groove along with your mates and the list goes on. When it comes to providing the best, it is our forte to get the most appealing on to your table.

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