party halls, Party venues.
wedding party halls, banquet halls.
wedding party halls, banquet halls.
wedding party halls, banquet halls.

Apart from the rather big events like Weddings, Conferences and Birthdays. We also cater to some really important and maybe small attended events, such as...


Engagement ceremonies are known for being a family affair. We at Kinara Grand make sure that all of your needs are met. From a well-built infrastructure to the decor. Proper acoustics to the best flooring. The best service team to a very well versed planning team. All come together to make us the best place to work with all of your requirements and needs around an engagement ceremonies.


Kinara Grand considers all religions are important because we are here to cater services to the people. In the same manner, we are here to make sure all of your requirements met in all of your auspicious occasions. We supply all the needed equipment for occasions such as Poojas, prayer gatherings, festival celebrations, religious training sessions etc.


This day and age of "crash courses" and "one-day learning centers" we at Kinara Grand with some of the best options when it comes to these specialized sessions. With some of the best planners and arrangers in the town, will make sure all your sessions to run smooth and fine with no hassles at all. Right from the setup to the execution we make sure your sessions are never hindered and not disturbed.

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